Which school belongs to this address?

It’s a common question when I’m out showing homes in Pueblo West and sometimes is not the easiest to answer. The question may seem trite but has some major implications when selecting which home here in Pueblo West to live in, if you want your child to go to a particular school and you are wondering about bus service from your address to that school.
Pueblo West has an open enroll policy for students of District 70. This basically means your child can go to any school here in Pueblo West. But there is a caveat and that is bus service to and from schools and your home. If your address lies outside the school bus routes determined by the District, you will have to take and pick up your child from school.

The Pueblo County School District has made the task of determining whether your particular home is in the boundary of pick-up and drop off for a particular school through their e-link property search on the Districts website.
The schools covered in Pueblo West are:
Cedar Ridge Elementary
Desert Sage Elementary
Liberty Point Elementary
Liberty Point International School
Prairie Winds Elementary
Pueblo West High
Sierra Vista Elementary
Skyview Middle School
For general information go to the School District 70 Bus Routes page. On the left hand side click on the e-link button, enter in the username and password on that page and enter in your address. The login name and password is “Parent.”
Also, on the bus routes page there is a Pueblo West Area button and if you click on it you will be able to view the exact route the buses will take. This way you’ll know how far from your home the buses will stop at in the morning and afternoons.
You can also call the First Student number at 719-544-7589 for more information on bus routes in the District.